Dara Greenwald Memorial Weekend

Dara Greenwald Memorial Weekend
January 28-29, 2012

Our dear friend Dara Greenwald passed away on Monday, January 9th at her home in Brooklyn. In an attempt to process this loss and celebrate her life we will convene YOU—the segments of her community who changed her and were changed by her. Please come and tell others who would want to know. There will be two events in New York City the final weekend of January:

The Party: Saturday January 28th, 2012, 8pm-12am.
Gowanus Studio Space
166 7th Street  Brooklyn, NY

The Memorial: Sunday January 29th, 2012, 12pm-10pm

16 Beaver Street, Manhattan
12pm-1pm Gather
1pm Collective Sharing
5pm Video Screening of Dara’s work

This will be a space to share words and memories, pictures and videos, songs and jokes. The sharing portion will be much like the Quaker tradition that Dara held dear—people sitting together and speaking publicly when they are moved to do so. In addition there will be plenty of time for casual small group discussion and sharing throughout the afternoon.

Throughout the day there will be a potluck. While some main dishes will be provided, it would be much appreciated if you can indicate what you plan to bring and check what others are bringing on the document we have set up for that. Tell us what you are bringing here:

Upload your photos of Dara here (note: you must register/login to upload)

There have been some questions about sending flowers to Josh. He would prefer that instead donations be made to the Archive, for the continuation of Dara’s work (including his plan to eventually publish her dissertation).

Online donations can be made to the HealDaraG paypal account—the same one we’ve been using all along. Josh will earmark new donations for this work.  http://healdarag.org/donate-2/

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“Dancing for Dara” Multi-City Video Screenings!

Video Data Bank of Chicago has assembled a 75-minute video program, Dancing for Dara composed of work by internationally recognized artists who have donated their work.

Upcoming Screenings
Syracuse, NY Friday May 6
7pm-midnight: $5-20 sliding scale
Spark Contemporary Art Space, 1003 E. Fayette

Food from Circa Restaurant. Chef Alicyn Hart works with local farmers & regional artisans using sustainable farming practices to make delicious food. DJ David P  DANCE Party!
ALL proceeds go directly to artist Dara Greenwald and to Syracuse Grows. Co-sponsored by STEP (Students for Tomorrow’s Environmental Policy) & Transmedia Department.

Troy, Wednesday April 27
7:00-9:00pm Click here for full details

Baltimore, Thursday February 24
7:30pm Go to facebook invite
Space 2640, 2640 St. Paul Street

New York City, Saturday, February 26
3:00pm – 6:00pm Go to facebook invite
Anthology Film Archives
2nd Ave. and 2nd St. NYC
* birthday festivities for dara and josh to follow!

Pittsburgh, Saturday March 5
Benefit exhibition, screening, and dance party. Go to the facebook invite
Schedule of Events
* 1-5pm  Josh MacPhee Exhibition & Justseeds sale. @ 3010 Penn Ave., 2nd Fl. (enter in back, on Spring Way)
* 7:30pm Doors Open. Vdeo screening, Dancing For Dara @ Brillobox, 4104 Penn Ave., 2nd Fl. $5-20 sliding scale cover for screening, party, or both. $15+ and get a T-shirt
* 10pm  Dance Party! DJ’s Mary Mack, Square Peg, Drop That, Amor Secreto. Bring dollar bills for requests.

Ben Coonley, One Trick Pony. Image courtesy Video Data Bank.

Pink Bloque, Dancing in the Street (excerpts) (Domestic Violence Awareness Month Rally October 2003)
Ben Coonley,One Trick Pony, 2002
Tara Matiek, Operation Invert, 2003
Caspar Stracke & Gabriela Monroy, Kuleshov Sukiyaki, 2004
Melinda Stone & Igor Vamos, Suggested Photo Spots, 1997
Jim Finn, Sharambaba, 1999
Jem Cohen, Little Flags, 2000
Paul Chan, Untitled Video on Lynne Stewart and Her Conviction, The Law and Poetry, 2006
Dara Greenwald with Ona Mirkinson, The Package, 2010

Past Screenings
Thursday 27 January 2011
8pm @ Spectacle
17 Edinboro Street #3, Chinatown, Boston

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Auction Nov 29-Dec 5, 2010

The auction is now live please check it out, spread the word, and bid: http://healdarag.org/auction/

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The Heal Dara G Online Art Auction

The Heal Dara G online art auction is a fundraiser to help Dara and Josh live without financial strain during their healing process, and to pay any medical expenses not covered by health insurance. The auction will take place Monday November 29th–Sunday December 5th at 12 noon. Please note: that this auction will be online only. The winning bidders will receive their work directly from the donating artist.

Attention donating artists! The deadline to donate your work has now passed. You can still support Dara by bidding once the auction goes live!

Donation Ryan Griffis: Stories in Reserve: Volume One. 36 full color pages, 3 audio CDs. Tours by Sarah Kanouse, Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga, Ryan Griffis, Lize Mogel and Sarah Ross.

Confirmed Donations: A Literal Letter Service, Lauren Adams, Alice Attie, Bee Ayer, Kate Bae, Magda Baker, Jesus Barraza, Craig Baldwin, Caitlin Berrigan, Mary Billyou, Moe Bowstern, A Brick, Ginger Brooks Takahashi, Bill Brown, Rachel Budde, Kellyann Burns, Nao Bustamante, Garrison & Alison Buxton, Kevin Caplicki, Christopher Cardinale, James Case-Leal, Melanie Cervantes, Paul Chan, Giovanna Chesler, Julia Christensen, Gabriel Cohen/Fredericks & Mae, Jem Cohen, Adriane Colburn, Compass of the MRCC, Benjamin Coonley, Cecilia Cornejo, Jim Costanzo, Bill Daniel, Carrie Dashow, Dark Dark Dark, Michael De Feo, Cecilia Dougherty, Icky Dunn, Joyce Ellen Weinstein, Molly Fair, Friendly Falcons, John Fekner, Jim Fleming/Autonomedia, Patricia Foxx, Su Friedrich, Colette Gaiter, Michael Galinsky, Rebecca Gates, Amber Ginsburg, Jesse Goldstein, Stephanie Gray, Sam Green, Ryan Griffis/Temporary Travel Office, Jane Jin Kaisen/Guston Sondin-Kung, Christopher Harvey, Art Hazelwood, Dusty Herbig, Corin Hewitt, Kathy High, Christa Holka, Caitlin Horsmon, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Melissa Klein, Andalusia Knoll, Daniela Kostova, Anna Kunz, Aviv Kruglanski and Vahida Ramujkic, Ann LePore, Dan Levenson, Damon Locks, Shona Macdonald, Jodie Mack, Josh MacPhee, Frank Magnotta, Jeff Mangum/Neutral Milk Hotel, Darrin Martin, Colin Matthes, Bryce McCloud, Anne McGuire, Nathan Meltz, Cindy Milstein, Naeem Mohaiemen, Amitis Motevalli, Zoeann Murphy, Lucille Nurkse, Pauline Oliveros, Trevor Paglen, Laurie Palmer, Mary Patten, Roger Peet, Margo Pelletier & Lisa Thomas, Lynne Pidel, Stefen Pilipa, Endi Poskovic, Sunita Prasad, Rick Prelinger, Michael Rakowitz, Aaron Renier, Vanessa Renwick, Olivia Robinson, Favianna Rodriguez, Heather Rogers, Guadalupe Rosales, Sarah Ross, Stephanie Rothenberg, Erik Ruin, Ben Russell, Zoe Sheehan Saldana, Paul Lloyd Sargent, Lee Anne Schmitt, Nicole Schulman, Sam Sebren, Tod Seelie, Daniel Selcer, Laura Seldman, Shelley Buonaiuto, Greg Sholette, Shelly Silver, Brooke Singer, Nida Sinnokrot, Shaun Slifer, Jen Smith, Kelly Spivey, Miriam Stahl, Tema Stauffer, Jesse Stiles, Brett Story, Caspar Stracke, Astria Suparak, Sarah Sutro, Naoe Suzuki, Swoon, Astra Taylor, Temporary Services, The Yes Men, Rodney Thoms, Zefrey Throwell, Fereshteh Toosi, Mary Tremonte, Kristine Virsis, Volatile Works, Dan S Wang, Brindalyn Webster, Woodstrup & Cooley, and Pete Yahnke.


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Fundraisers: Stay Tuned

The New York City fundraising team is working on three events:

• A party
• A national video screening series
• An online art auction!

We are currently taking donations for object-based work for the online art auction. The deadline to donate is November 21st. If you would like to donate your artwork, please fill out this form.

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San Francisco Book Release Party and Fundraiser!

Celebrate People’s History
Book Launch * Exhibit * Artist Panel

Saturday, November 20th, 7pm
522 Valencia  (at 16th Street)
San Francisco, CA

Featured Speakers:
Lincoln Cushing www.docspopuli.org
Favianna Rodriguez www.favianna.com

Join us for the book release party for Celebrate People’s History: the Poster Book of Resistance and Revolution, edited by Josh MacPhee with a foreword by Rebecca Solnit and published by the Feminist Press! There’s a good chance that during some point in your life you’ve seen a Celebrate People’s History poster decorating the walls of your classroom, community center or neighborhood book shop. Initiated by Josh MacPhee in 1998, this far-reaching project uses poster art to document the hidden history of social justice movements. For the first time ever, a complete set of these posters will be released as a paperback in November 2010.

Celebrate People’s History has over 100 posters honoring feminist organizers, civil rights leaders, indigenous uprisings, union struggles, LGBT activism and much more. The book includes talented Bay Area printmakers Jesus Barraza, Melanie Cervantes, Eric Drooker, Fernando Marti, Favianna Rodriquez and Jos Sances along with many well-known national artists such as Cristy Road, Nicole Schulman and Swoon.

The event will include a retrospective exhibit of People’s History posters and a panel of Bay Area artists signing books. The event will also feature poster historian Lincoln Cushing and Oakland-based artist Favianna Rodriguez who will talk about the rich legacy of Bay Area printmaking.

Admission is free, but all donations and book sales benefit Josh MacPhee’s partner, Dara Greenwald, who is currently battling cancer. 522 Valencia St. is not wheelchair accessible.

For more information, please contact: CelebratePeoplesHistory@gmail.com

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Boston Yardsale Fundraiser

Inspired by Daniel and Lauren’s Chicago yardsale, Dara’s sister Suma organized a yardsale on October 9, 2010 in Boston and raised nearly $600!

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Chicago Yardsale Fundraiser

“When we found out about our dear friend Dara’s condition it was obvious that there wasn’t a ton we could do from Chicago, and that the direct-care would fall more on family and friends in the New York area. But we were preparing to move and have a small yardsale anyways and wanted to help – so we just put the word out to some of Dara and Josh’s old friends from their Chicago days. We got tons of donations of sale items and over 50 people dropped by and bought things and just gave generous donations. The next day we topped it off by taking leftover stuff to the farmers market and setting up on a blanket nearby. Even people who did not know them heard about what we were doing on the Internet or by passing by the signs and came and gave money or bought stuff. The event brought in $2,000 and we couldn’t have been happier to send along a check and a package of cards and additional checks people wrote at the sale onto Dara and Josh. It was one of these moments where you see the really tangible benefits of investing in community – their people want to support them in whatever way they can because they have done the same kind of support and solidarity for so many people for so long and in so many places.” – Lauren Cumbia and Daniel Tucker (Chicago)

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Healing Feathers by Ryder Cooley

Thanks so much to everyone who ordered Healing Feathers! Ryder is in the final stages of drawing 112 drawings for Dara and the project has raised close to $1000!

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