About Heal Dara G!

Update: We regret to inform all that our dear friend Dara passed away January 9th, 2011. This website will serve as an archive of the work that her community did to fundraise and organize care for Dara during her struggle with cancer.

This website is an information center and fundraising hub for artist/activist Dara Greenwald, as she heals from a recent diagnosis of cancer. Visit http://daragreenwald.com to see more about her artwork and other projects!

In July 2010, right after Dara returned from the US Social Forum, Dara found out she had cancer. The news came at time when Dara was interviewing for jobs across the east coast, and she and her partner Josh MacPhee were planning for the next phase of their work life after  completing the exhibition Signs of Change: Social Movement Cultures 1960s to Now. Since then, Dara and Josh’s community have banded together to help them fight this disease through caretaking and fundraising!

The Care Circle: Soon after the news, a group gathered to organize a carecircle based on a model created by friends who had gone through a similar experience on the west coast. In the past few months friends and family across the country have come to take caretaking shifts and local New Yorkers have helped with overall coordination, rides, cooking, laundry and grocery shopping!

Fundraising: Dara and Josh’s community across the country have been organizing to raise money to help them through recovery. The goal is to raise enough funds for them to live worry free throughout 2011. This website was built help with that process. Please consider making a donation, or attending one of the fundraising events currently being organized.

Healthcare: The good news is that Dara does have health insurance. However, as we all know this does not mean all of her medical expenses will be covered. She is going through her chemo process at NYU medical center, and is receiving acupuncture and reiki on a regular basis.

Please join us to help support Dara and Josh through this challenging time!