Chicago Yardsale Fundraiser

“When we found out about our dear friend Dara’s condition it was obvious that there wasn’t a ton we could do from Chicago, and that the direct-care would fall more on family and friends in the New York area. But we were preparing to move and have a small yardsale anyways and wanted to help – so we just put the word out to some of Dara and Josh’s old friends from their Chicago days. We got tons of donations of sale items and over 50 people dropped by and bought things and just gave generous donations. The next day we topped it off by taking leftover stuff to the farmers market and setting up on a blanket nearby. Even people who did not know them heard about what we were doing on the Internet or by passing by the signs and came and gave money or bought stuff. The event brought in $2,000 and we couldn’t have been happier to send along a check and a package of cards and additional checks people wrote at the sale onto Dara and Josh. It was one of these moments where you see the really tangible benefits of investing in community – their people want to support them in whatever way they can because they have done the same kind of support and solidarity for so many people for so long and in so many places.” – Lauren Cumbia and Daniel Tucker (Chicago)

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