Dara Greenwald Memorial Weekend

Dara Greenwald Memorial Weekend
January 28-29, 2012

Our dear friend Dara Greenwald passed away on Monday, January 9th at her home in Brooklyn. In an attempt to process this loss and celebrate her life we will convene YOU—the segments of her community who changed her and were changed by her. Please come and tell others who would want to know. There will be two events in New York City the final weekend of January:

The Party: Saturday January 28th, 2012, 8pm-12am.
Gowanus Studio Space
166 7th Street  Brooklyn, NY

The Memorial: Sunday January 29th, 2012, 12pm-10pm

16 Beaver Street, Manhattan
12pm-1pm Gather
1pm Collective Sharing
5pm Video Screening of Dara’s work

This will be a space to share words and memories, pictures and videos, songs and jokes. The sharing portion will be much like the Quaker tradition that Dara held dear—people sitting together and speaking publicly when they are moved to do so. In addition there will be plenty of time for casual small group discussion and sharing throughout the afternoon.

Throughout the day there will be a potluck. While some main dishes will be provided, it would be much appreciated if you can indicate what you plan to bring and check what others are bringing on the document we have set up for that. Tell us what you are bringing here:

Upload your photos of Dara here (note: you must register/login to upload)

There have been some questions about sending flowers to Josh. He would prefer that instead donations be made to the Archive, for the continuation of Dara’s work (including his plan to eventually publish her dissertation).

Online donations can be made to the HealDaraG paypal account—the same one we’ve been using all along. Josh will earmark new donations for this work.  http://healdarag.org/donate-2/

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  1. A beautiful human being.

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