San Francisco Book Release Party and Fundraiser!

Celebrate People’s History
Book Launch * Exhibit * Artist Panel

Saturday, November 20th, 7pm
522 Valencia  (at 16th Street)
San Francisco, CA

Featured Speakers:
Lincoln Cushing
Favianna Rodriguez

Join us for the book release party for Celebrate People’s History: the Poster Book of Resistance and Revolution, edited by Josh MacPhee with a foreword by Rebecca Solnit and published by the Feminist Press! There’s a good chance that during some point in your life you’ve seen a Celebrate People’s History poster decorating the walls of your classroom, community center or neighborhood book shop. Initiated by Josh MacPhee in 1998, this far-reaching project uses poster art to document the hidden history of social justice movements. For the first time ever, a complete set of these posters will be released as a paperback in November 2010.

Celebrate People’s History has over 100 posters honoring feminist organizers, civil rights leaders, indigenous uprisings, union struggles, LGBT activism and much more. The book includes talented Bay Area printmakers Jesus Barraza, Melanie Cervantes, Eric Drooker, Fernando Marti, Favianna Rodriquez and Jos Sances along with many well-known national artists such as Cristy Road, Nicole Schulman and Swoon.

The event will include a retrospective exhibit of People’s History posters and a panel of Bay Area artists signing books. The event will also feature poster historian Lincoln Cushing and Oakland-based artist Favianna Rodriguez who will talk about the rich legacy of Bay Area printmaking.

Admission is free, but all donations and book sales benefit Josh MacPhee’s partner, Dara Greenwald, who is currently battling cancer. 522 Valencia St. is not wheelchair accessible.

For more information, please contact:

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